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Written by: Natalia Brown

Debris Free Oceans is supporting a resolution (#192400) to restrict single-use plastic purchasing in Miami-Dade County government buildings!

Check out this info-graphic, designed by our very own Maddie Kaufman, to educate the commissioners that sit on the Health Care and County Operations Committee (HCCO), who will be voting on February 13th to determine whether or not this resolution makes it to the full board meeting in March.

How to Voice Your Support:

Email your district’s commissioner and the 5 commissioners on the Health Care and County Operations Board! According to Florida Sunshine Laws, you cannot contact multiple commissioners in the same email, and therefore must send individual emails. Thank you for your contribution to solving the plastic pollution problem in Miami-Dade County.

The HCCO Board:

  1. Sally A. Heyman, Chairwoman,
  2. Xavier L. Suarez , Vice Chairman,
  3. Esteban L. Bovo, Jr.,
  4. Jose “Pepe” Diaz,
  5. Senator Javier D. Souto,
Click here to find your district's commissioner

Suggested Content Template:

Dear Commissioner [Commissioner’s name here],

Thank you for considering Resolution 192400 currently in the Health Care and County Operations Committee that would greatly help reduce the volume of single-use plastics in Miami-Dade County. I am a resident in District [#] of Miami-Dade County and am concerned about significant amount of plastic pollution in our community.

Plastics do not biodegrade, and after their brief use, they accumulate in landfills and the environment. They cause significant damage to marine life, human health and the economy. Plastics are made from natural gas and crude oil, and their production contributes to the climate crisis.

Miami is considered Ground Zero for climate change, and we cannot continue to drag our feet while the rest of the world takes significant strides to address these issues: non-biodegradable bags and straws will be banned in China by the end of 2020; plastic straws and stirrers will be banned in England in April of 2020; plastic bags will be banned state-wide in New York City in March of 2020.

As a Miami resident, I care deeply about South Florida’s natural resources. We cannot continue to pollute our fragile environment with these unnecessary items when alternative options exist. Many countries, states, municipalities and businesses have already shown that switching to reusable and compostable packaging is feasible, and beneficial to the community and the economy.

Thank you again for considering this important resolution; I am in full support, and encourage its passing for the health and well-being of our precious environment and our people. Government action is necessary on this important issue.


[Your name here]