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The Status Quo

The status quo lifecycle of plastics and waste assumes infinite resources and infinite disposal. At Debris Free Oceans, we envision a world without waste. A World that has closed the loop to the plastics and waste lifecycle.

A Sustainable Approach

The Debris Free Oceans Team focuses on inspiring every sector of society to practice the 5Rs in order to close the loop to our plastics and waste life cycles. This serves to reduce our overall reliance and desire to consume new goods and closes the plastics and waste lifecycle.

Infinite Resources

The status quo lifecycle of plastics and waste assumes two fictions: infinite resources and infinite disposal.


Our current approach to plastics and waste management functions linearly. We merely produce something, consume it, and finally discard it.


We consume without conceptualizing the components of an object nor where it may end up at the end of its life.


With this linear model, we assume that we have infinite resources and infinite disposal capacity.

Infinite Disposal

With growing populations and increasing plastics and waste, we are realizing these assumptions are false.


We must reduce our consumption of disposable and single-use plastics, especially those made of new plastics material.


We must reuse our current plastic product as though plastic lasts forever because most of it does.


We must recycle that which cannot be reused so that new products are created solely from recycled plastic.


We must recollect material from what we already have outstanding in our environment and requires removal rather than pillaging our Earth for new material.


We can redesign this recollected material into goods that we need and reuse.

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