Responsible Products

When composted correctly*, biodegradable products decompose wholly and quickly, leaving little to no trace behind. Switching from petroleum-based raw materials to biodegradable materials is one critical step in redirecting your business towards a better balance with the global ecosystem and showcasing your company’s ethics to the community.

Even though biodegradable products are superior to plastic products, Debris Free Oceans promotes REUSE + REFILL overall disposable alternatives. If you choose to utilize biodegradable products, Debris Free Oceans recommends launching an end-of-life cycle initiatives at your business. If you’d like assistance with this process, please reach out to us at

*Because Florida does not currently have the required facilities needed to break down bioplastics and other industrially compostable products, Debris Free Oceans has chosen products that have been demonstrated by their manufacturer to break down in a backyard or cold compost. To the best of DFO’s knowledge, all disposable products on this list are either marine-degradable or backyard (cold) compostable, and they do not have to be disposed of in an industrial composting facility. To learn more about bioplastics, recycling, and composting, read DFO’s blog.