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All of Debris Free Oceans’ education programming highlights how people can take individual action to close the loop to the lifecycle of plastics and waste.

Thinking holistically, Debris Free Oceans teaches pre-kindergarteners through adults how to practice the “5 Rs” of reduce, reuse, recycle, recapture, and redesign, specifically focusing on “reduce.”

Through its connections with the Miami-Dade County Public School System and other public and private school teachers throughout Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, Debris Free Oceans schedules in-class presentations for all ages of students from kindergarten through college level.

When in the classroom, Debris Free Oceans provides students with an interactive presentation about marine debris’ impacts on south Florida’s ecosystems, economy, and health of its residents; the history of plastics and marine debris; and actions each person can take to limit the amount of waste they create. 

Funding dependent, Debris Free Oceans provides each student with a zero-waste toolkit consisting of a reusable water bottle, reusable bag, and reusable cutlery after the presentation so that students will have the tools they need to immediately implement the zero-waste actions they learn about in the in-class presentation.

Want to teach your students, friends, or family about plastic pollution? Download our open-access powerpoint presentation and host an educational talk! Below, you will hear the plastic pollution presentation by Caiti Waks, our Co-Founder, at Palmer Trinity School. You can take notes from this presentation so you have all the facts you need to educate others or simply play this presentation for your audience.

Please let us know if you use the presentation, how it goes, and how many people you spoke to by emailing We want to stay in touch and work closely with our fellow educators!


Debris Free Oceans inspired our students, faculty, and staff to create less waste and rethink disposable. I hope other schools take the opportunity to work with the Debris Free Oceans team.

Palmer Trinity School