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Biscayne National Park Snorkeling Cleanups

In collaboration with Biscayne National Park, we take participants on an adventure to the seaward side of Elliot Key.

Only three nautical miles away from the Gulf Stream, Elliot Key is a dumping ground for marine debris from all around the world. After learning about the interconnectedness of our oceans and waterways, participants cleanup hundreds of pounds of trash from Elliot Key before enjoying a snorkeling session on one of Biscayne National Park’s gorgeous coral reefs.

By demonstrating how a completely uninhabited place can become so overwhelmed by trash and by leading attendees through an incredible experience with our local coral reefs, this cleanup excursion leaves people speechless.

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Scuba Cleanups

Debris Free Oceans co-hosts annual suba cleanups.

In collaboration with dive shops, we take public and private groups on SCUBA and snorkel adventures to cleanup the coral reefs offshore of Miami and Key Largo. Prior to diving in, we provide attendees with a thorough education on the safe removal of marine debris from our reefs ensuring the reefs are left better than we found them. All data about the debris removed is uploaded to PADI’s Project Aware database. Contact if you want to sign up for one of our SCUBA cleanups!

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Biscayne Bay Boat Tour Cleanups

In collaboration with our local boat vendor partners, we bring various age groups out to the islands scattered around Biscayne Bay.

During the boat ride to the island, we educate attendees about the local marine environment in Biscayne Bay, highlighting why it is important to remove trash from this important waterbody while also noting how street trash finds its way into the storm drain systems and dumps into Biscayne Bay.

While on the island, we provide attendees with the opportunity to snorkel or stand-up paddle board in order to foster deeper connections to the marine environment.

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SUP & Kayak Cleanups

Stand-up paddle board cleaning excursions.

In collaboration with our kayak and stand-up paddle board vendor partners, we take public and private groups on kayak and stand-up paddle board excursions where attendees learn about our local marine and coastal environments while cleaning up beaches along the way.

Depending on location, we also offer attendees the opportunity to snorkel amongst Miami’s beautiful seagrass and coral reefs.

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Keg & Klean

The Keg & Klean initiative combines our party practices with a beach cleanup.

What better way to bring people together to help our oceans than offering free, local craft beer and a beautiful view of the sunset? Debris Free Oceans provides cleanup materials and free beer to participants who bring their own reusable cup and help clean the beach at sunset.

This event teaches people how to enjoy the beach while also leaving it better than they found it. It also provides a relaxing atmosphere for people to learn about marine debris and talk about solutions.

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Pub Crawl & Pick-Ups

Love pub crawls, but also love cleanups?

Look no further because this is the event for you! About every two months, Debris Free Oceans partners with The Wynwood Yard to host a cleanup throughout Wynwood. While admiring world-renowned street art, we cleanup Wynwood between stops at local restaurants and bars where we stop by for quick bites and drinks, which are filled in our reusable stainless steel tumblers.

Not only does this even cleanup the streets, but it provides businesses with an opportunity to engage with the community and participate the experience of refilling a patrons reusable cup, which furthers Debris Free Oceans goal of normalizing refill culture throughout Miami, Florida.

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Yoga Cleanups

Think yoga in the park plus giving back to the park on which we practice!

In collaboration with a local yoga studio, Debris Free Oceans provides attendees with cleanup materials so that our Miami yogis can cleanup a park for an hour before enjoying an hour-long yoga class. Typically, these events are held at either Margaret Pace Park near Edgewater or Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove.

This event brings compassion to a whole new level. There is no maximum on the number of attendees for this event.

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