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Analysis & Assessment

Our team of skilled zero-waste strategists will assess your existing business practices in confidence.

Sustainability Strategies

Where we see waste, we’ll develop a plan to increase efficiency leading to less waste and more savings.

Mapping & Prioritization

We’ll guide you on the timeline to implement your plan so your impact is huge from the start.


From which products to switch to their pricing, we’ve done all the work for you, including getting you discounts.

Reporting & Communications

We have easy-to-fill forms so you can visualize your savings on cost and waste.

Annual Follow Up

Each year, we’ll follow up with you to ensure success and determine options for future sustainable practices.

Vendor Product Guide

Debris Free Oceans did all of the hard work for you! On this excel sheet, you can search for marine degradable and backyard compostable products available in the Miami-Dade County area, and all pricing, discounts, contact information, and minimum order quantities are listed so you can contact the manufacturers or distributors directly. Check back to this list frequently, as it will be regularly updated with more products, and remember, it is always best to first REUSE and REFILL than to switch to any disposable products. 


Zero-Waste Guidelines for Events and Festivals

We meaningfully engage businesses in our vision of transforming Miami into a zero-waste city. Download here our Zero Waste Guidelines for events and festivals in Miami, FL.


Case Studies

Take a look at some of our case studies; sustainability consulting projects carried out by Debris Free Oceans.