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~40 lbs of trash removed from Peacock Park in Coconut Grove

& a beautiful yoga class taught by Joseph Minday right on PADL boards in the water!

Thanks to all who came out and braved the thunderstorms on June 3rd! We were blessed with perfect conditions at the start of the SUP Yoga class, taught by the wonderful Joseph Minday @yosep.yogi. As the storms started to approach from in the distance, we made our way back to shore and did a SPEEDY yet super effective cleanup blitz around Peacock Park!

We managed to pick up roughly 40 lbs of trash, including lots of plastic food wrappers, plastic water bottles, and jugs of all sorts (from laundry to liquor). As always, we debriefed and emphasized that cleanups are not the answer, they’re a great way to get involved and spread awareness about the plastics prob! #refusesingleuse

Huge thank you to the Office of Commissioner Sabina Covo, Coconut Grove BID, and PADL for sponsoring and supporting this community event!

Check out some photos below! Look out for more cleanups with @ridepadl in the near future!