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35.5 lbs of trash removed from a South Beach hotspot

both body and environment were cleansed during this early morning detox event!

Thank you all so much for coming out for a blissful morning of yoga + collective action to tackle our #plasticsprob in the heart of South Beach! ~30 lovely humans collected 35.5 lbs of debris from the shoreline. Much of what we found were avoidable single-use plastic items and harmful bits of microplastics.

In our debrief, we discussed steps we can all take to prevent plastics from ending up on our shores, in our streets, and in our bloodstreams in the first place. Our beautiful pals at Waterlust donated 10 stainless steel water bottles for attendees. We showcased other attainable swaps like totes instead of plastic bags at the grocery store and reusable utensil kits to take with you on the go. We talked bigger picture about the #reuse economy and what it can look like at scale (looking to New York for inspo!).

Thank you to the EPA for funding this cleanup event, to Waterlust for the water bottles, and to April May for sharing her energy and guiding us through such a grounding flow. Can’t wait for our next one!

Check out the event photo gallery below! Thank you @leodiaz_photo for capturing these stellar shots!