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tackling fast fashion by inspiring the community to take part in the circular economy!

Huge thank you to all who came out to our first (but not last!) seasonal swap event! It was our DFO’s largest registered event to date!! We beat the heat during the latest global heat wave and swapped to prevent more clothing waste from needlessly ending up in our landfills, which are very nearly at capacity. People showed up in a steady stream all afternoon to trade clothing, shoes, art, decor, kitchen supplies, books, and even plants!

Just like plastics production in general, clothing production has doubled since 2000 and continues to skyrocket. A little-known fact is that washing our clothes accounts for 35% of the microplastics found in the ocean— textiles are the largest known source of marine plastic pollution!

One very tangible and important step we can take to slow down this process is to wear what we already have (but we can exchange so it all feels new)! Swaps are a super fun + fashionable way to reinvigorate our wardrobes without contributing to the plastics prob. Thank you to the EPA for funding this important community event!

We can’t wait to see you in the fall!