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157 lbs of marine debris removed from off of Miami Beach and Key Biscayne

First scuba cleanup of 2023 (with more to come!)

Huge thank you to the Diver’s Paradise team and to the 14 divers who came out to conduct an underwater cleanup with us! We collected 157 lbs of marine debris of ALL sorts, sizes, and materials. Anybody want an anchor or a propellor?? We found a birthday balloon on the sandy patch right next to the reef, along with 10 glass bottles, 2 plastic bottles, and loads of fishing lines and rope. Several wooden fragments and metal pieces from lobster traps were also recovered. These pieces would have otherwise been thrown around in storm surge, potentially damaging the reef. We know that plastic poses many dangers to coral. It can smother the reef and corals have even been found to consume microplastics!

Diving lets us take in the underwater world in the most intimate and captivating way. We are so grateful that we got to leave the reef cleaner than we found it!

Check out the photo gallery below for snippets from the day!