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Haulting fast fashion trends by swapping for Spooky season!

Over 80% of Halloween costumes are made from synthetic materials (AKA plastic!). Instead of buying new and contributing to wasteful fashion trends, we hosted a spooky swap to keep things #circular and avoid needless waste!

Thanks to all who came out!! Costumes, clothes, books, plants, & stories were exchanged! Friends from, Plastic Free Cities, Handy Beach Goods, and more came out strong! Equally as amazing were the folks who joined last minute when they realized there was a swap going on! Here’s to continuing to build a beautiful and strong zero-waste community here in Miami!

Huge thanks to Earth Breeze for sponsoring such a fun + impactful event and to Unbranded Brewing Co. for continuing to host us and champion a more sustainable, plastic-free Miami, one swap at a time. Swaps are popping up ALL over town, so keep an eye out year-round and join the zero-waste movement with us!

Check out some moments from the day below!