Apparel and Yoga Towels

Kozm goods are “mindfully made to wreck the status quo without wrecking our ocean.” Kozm t-shirts, hats and bags are made from upcycled cotton and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a very common type of plastic. They sell mat-length yoga towels made from former sauna towels, a recycled PET blend, and a hemp fabric that provides a gripping surface. Kozm also encourages their customers to return products at the end of use to be recycled into new items.

They have partnered with Recover Upcycled Textile System, a textile recycling company that uses 99% less water than other manufacturers, avoids toxic dyes and has an extremely low carbon output. Shop at Kozm to reduce your carbon footprint, remove textiles from overcrowded landfills and keep our water clean.