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27.3 lbs of trash removed from Indian Creek

paddle-pickups along the inland river proved that single-use plastic water bottles and food wrappers are the biggest culprits!

Thank you to the beautiful team of locals, visitors, kids, and adults who joined this kayak cleanup in the heart of Miami Beach!

We had loads of fun and the weather was divine! Unlike beach cleanups, where we tend to find microplastics, this inland river cleanup provided us with a different take on the plastics problem. The items we found were completely avoidable– single-use plastic water bottles, food wrappers, bags, and utensils. When we returned to the dock, we discussed the importance of switching to reusables and to the systems we currently have in place to help us get there, like airport water refill stations and refill markets like Verde.

The most notable item found was a caution sign; the winner was awarded a Lady Green Recycling key chain made from recycled plastic bottle caps!

Thank you to Clear View Kayaks for partnering with us and to the office of Commissioner Eileen Higgins for funding this event!

Check out a few photos from the day below and stay tuned for more kayak cleanups!