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Join Us for an Inspiring Evening of Ocean Exploration and Conservation!

Dive into a cleaner future with Kyalami Scuba Club as they host an empowering evening dedicated to eradicating marine debris and rethinking our relationship with plastics. Veronica Calzadilla, DFO’s very own Chef Andrew Scholar and enthusiastic Chemical Engineering sophomore from Miami Dade College, has been invited to share her journey and insights into fighting plastic pollution.

Why Attend?

Our oceans are at a tipping point, and it’s up to us to tip the scales back towards health and vitality. This event is a call to action for all who love the sea and wish to see it thrive for generations to come. Whether you’re a seasoned diver, a concerned citizen, or someone looking to make a difference, Veronica’s message of hope and action will inspire you to be part of the solution.

What You Will Discover:

Inspirational Insights:

Veronica will share her passionate fight against plastic pollution, emphasizing the critical need for microplastics awareness, sustainability, and actionable steps we can all take to protect our waterways.:
Tonya Wiley will share her extensive journey in marine conservation, from her early internships with the South African White Shark Research Institute and the U.S. Geological Survey, to her pivotal role in sawfish research at Mote Marine Laboratory. Discover the critical work being done to protect the smalltooth sawfish and other endangered marine species.

The 5Rs of Sustainability:

Learn how to incorporate the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recapture, and Redesign into your daily life, promoting a circular economy where waste is a concept of the past.

Engaging Activities:

Engage with Veronica’s experiences in organizing cleanups, advocating for environmental policies at commissioner meetings, and educating communities about the sustainable management of plastics.

Empowerment to Act:

Discover how small, individual actions contribute to significant changes in our oceans’ health and how you can join the movement towards a debris-free ocean.

Reserve Your Spot!

Spaces are limited for this impactful event. RSVP now to ensure your participation in an evening dedicated to the beauty and preservation of our local waters.

Event proudly organized by The Kyalami Scuba Club Dive Shop.



Tuesday, March 5th

6:00 PM- 7:30 PM EST


The Kyalami Scuba Club

607 Northlake Blvd Suite ANorth Palm Beach, FL, 33408, United States

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This is a virtual event. Click here to join via Zoom!