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Wynwood Yard

Debris Free Oceans helps the Wynwood Yard to develop and implement zero-waste policies.

The Wynwood Yard, as Debris Free Oceans’ pilot consultancy project, proves a success. They eliminate straws and plastic utensils and provide customers with discounts for bringing their own cup.

Not only is the atmosphere at The Wynwood Yard incredible, but we love them so much because they are dedicated to working closely with Debris Free Oceans to eliminate waste from their business practices. To date, Debris Free Oceans has helped The Wynwood Yard eliminate all straws from their bar and all plastic utensils from Della Bowls! We are currently working with them to eliminate even more plastic from the bar. At this time, you can bring your own reusable cup to the bar for $1 off your beverage. You can also purchase a reusable cup at the bar, which includes a free beer and proceeds back to Debris Free Oceans.

Local artist, Dave L., and DJ Lance-O from Kulcha Shok Muzik sponsored the event. Dave L. painted a series of Octi-inspired art portraying the harm our wasteful habits pose to our ocean friends. (Jan. 2015)

Terranova Corporation

Debris Free Oceans helps Terranova Corporation eliminate single-use plastics.

With the help of financial and sustainability analyses conducted by Debris Free Oceans’ sustainability consultants, Terranova Corporation, South Florida leading commercial real estate firm, pledged to eliminate single-use plastics from its waste stream in Fall 2015.

All single-use coffee mugs have been replaced with orange ceramic mugs, and the company’s replacement of single-use plastic cutlery with reusable silverware will divert 18,000 plastic forks, spoons and knives from the landfill each year.

Treehouse Miami

Treehouse Miami goes plastic free with Debris Free Oceans.

After consultation with Debris Free Oceans, Treehouse now proudly promotes itself as a plastic-free nightclub.

Within just one week, Treehouse went from throwing away hundreds of cups and straws every month to having absolutely no plastic waste footprint. Just within two weeks, Treehouse recovered its cost from investing in reusable cups and saw increased profits from having to order less cups and haul away less garbage.