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Protecting our vital mangrove ecosystem!

Mangroves are a critical habitat and act as nurseries for juvenile fish, sharks, turtles, and several other marine organisms! 🐠 They protect our shoreline from storms and filter our water to maintain water quality and clarity πŸ’§

That’s why we partnered with Earth Breeze for a coastal & mangrove cleanup on Saturday, January 28th at North Bayshore ParkΒ to show our mangroves some love! πŸƒ Our mangroves are some of Miami’s most precious gems!

Together we removed close to 270 pounds of debris! πŸ’ͺ🏼 Shout out to our hardworking volunteers who dedicated their Saturday morning to maintaining the health of our precious mangroves and Biscayne Bay.

This event was led by our graduate Chef Andrew Scholar, Bethany! Way to go 🀩

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Earth Breeze for their generous sponsorship, which made this event possible. 🫧

Huge thank you to the City of North Miami for opening their beautiful park for us, and allowing us to lend them a hand in cleaning our mangroves and coastline of Biscayne Bay 🩡