Debris Free Oceans is a Miami-based organization that inspires local communities to responsibly manage the lifecycle of plastics and waste as part of a global initiative to eradicate marine debris from our beaches, reefs, and oceans.

We believe in shifting our culture towards a circular economy, where “waste” no longer exists and all consumables are part of a closed-loop lifecycle. Our messaging encourages us all to RETHINK single-use consumption and to embrace lifestyles with more action and less clutter. This begins with understanding how the 5Rs can be incorporated into all facets of society.

We promote ways to REDUCE the amount of waste we send to the landfill by refusing single-use plastics.

We spawn innovative means to REUSE what we already have instead of spending time and money on products we don’t need.

We promote RECYCLING and regenerating objects unfit for reuse into functional and indispensable innovations.

We RECAPTURE marine debris to prevent its consumption by marine life, its harmful interaction with our global food web, and its impacts on the aesthetic and intrinsic values of our oceans.

We advocate for the REDESIGN of marine debris into artistic and functional contributions to our society.


01. Education

Educating students, organizations, businesses, and politicians about zero-waste lifestyles.

02. Cleanups

Merging Miami’s social scene with sustainability by cleaning up marine debris during beach parties and pub-crawl events.

03. Zero-Waste Lifestyle Events

Hosting zero-waste events highlighting how individuals, businesses, and communities can incorporate zero-waste principles into immediate and long-term strategy.

04. Sustainability Consulting

Consulting companies on how to eliminate waste, increase product reuse, and inspire other businesses and their consumers to live waste-free.

05. Law & Policy

Supporting law and policy reform that supports the responsible lifecycle management of plastics and waste.

06. Research

Researching marine debris to help fill gaps in knowledge regarding marine debris accumulation and dispersal.

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

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The Butt Stops Here.

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Supporting Strides Toward a Plastic-Free MDC

Debris Free Oceans is supporting a resolution (#192400) to restrict single-use plastic purchasing in Miami-Dade County government buildings! Check out this info-graphic, designed by our very own Maddie Kaufman, to…
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The Life Cycle of Plastics

With the rapid spread of sensational images and heart-wrenching video clips capturing the physical impacts of marine debris, most of us have been faced with the reality that plastic is…
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Students Educated about Plastic Pollution
Pounds of Trash Removed from Miami
People engaged at Zero-Waste lifestyle events